Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Nu Shu

For a project in progress i did this hand rendered type. The quote beside a sister one does not despair is a quote which chinese women would say when talking about their laotong, this was a friendship matchmaked for them. They would share many likes and i think this quote represents there friendship through times where they would have to write nu shu the only communication they had. Nu shu is fastinating as women for a thousand years kept the writing of nu shu a secret, no man had never heard or seen of it until the cutural revolution where most documents were destroyed. Now there is only 1 person who can still write Nu Shu.

Life Drawing

This was from when i was a college about 4 years ago. Been looking through my old work, i enjoying life drawing and playing with different ways to get the weight into an image.

True Hates

This piece is to show my hates in graphic design i guess. A guide to what i will never do. One of these is whenever i walk into a fish and chip shop they all seem to have the same idea that word documents they can cut round the edges of the word to make a sign. Its never a good idea by the way. Also the main hate of many designers comic sans, i dont think i have to say much else its disgusting type face.

Doodle into print

This image was a doodle i did a couple of years ago. With a class at university i turned it into a image on wood used to print unfortunatly most the prints didnt turn out too great but i do love the wood after being used. I think because you can see the texture through the ink.

Social Network

I found this film amazing. Its one of the first films where you are meant to hate the main character. Everything seemed to work prefect from camera work to the cgi of making one guy twins, i didnt even notice had to be informed. The writing was brilliant and acting, which was very surprising from Justin Timberlake. The poster is also a joy to look at. Im not sure what i like about this poster, the type sits in a square which ususally i look down on but the background seems to make the type more strong and visually appealing.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland book cover so far

Not the final will continue, but really loving paper cutting atm.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

really want :)

I really love this pocket watch style necklace. Its all that research on alice and wonderland thats got me hooked

Alice in Wonderland drawings

Trying to do the cover not going well but love these pics anyways

Wagamamas yes !!

I love wagamanas they have awesome food, its quite fun slowing trying all there dishes some i like more than others mined have no idea whats its called just know number 36 gotta try it yum yum. One of my best girlies got me this for my birthday last month really wanna give it ago

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Layouts for Home is where the travel is

These are some layouts and really need peoples comments not sure any good??

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Rachael Parsons

This was one of the first illustrators i found and remembered the name of, im terrible with names :/. I love all her work and this could be one of my favourites.

Illustration Play

I found this book in design muesum didnt get it then little expensive but ordered it and is amazing mostly illustration using fabric or sewing. Gonna be alot of help getting me motivated.

Naked London

We had to capture the essence of london. First image is in brick lane a shop cant remember the name but had a photo booth and all around it was pictures that people had taken and left behind. Second was also in brick lane i think the graffi is amazing and how it pops up from behind the bins. The final image was from the london eye i had never been and was able to take this image with great care.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

500 days of summer has got to be up there in one of my top favourite films. Not only a good movie but inspirational, this picture is from the movie using is chalkboard to create his work and is amazing brilliant idea.I love the whole clip where this is from but cant get it anywhere anyways with the illustrations used on title pages i guess for the number of days. The music is awesome as well goes really well. There is so more many good things in this film, have to watch it :)
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Red Balloon

This is a remake of the film Le Ballon Rouge including what we thought was the main elements. Was made in a group who were Phill, Kay, Sara G, Josephine, Hollie and myself. Unfortunately the sound doesnt work but can still see our crude interpretation.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ramdom drawings

Mark Khaisman

I really like Mark Khaisman all his work with tape. Recommend have a look http://www.khaismanstudio.com/. Wish i could even no how to start with this technique.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

self portrait

Ive always wanted to do a self portrait, but drawing your own face seems alot harder than is it i guess. I used the same technique as the last illustration with the speech bubble saying "im sorry". This is because i tend to say this alot and everyone i meet seems to realise very soon after meeting me. Sums up my character rather well i guess.

ramdom illustration

As it says its ramdom, ive had it for a while but had no use for it other than to be on my wall. Just experimenting with watercolours into my drawings as want to bring life into them.

Another creative outlet

Im not much of a guitar player but since yesterday i was given this wonderful eletric for my birthday, now is a chance to expand my creative mind, lets hope.

My Bike

Other than graphics and drawing i do have other hobbies and this is one. Im afraid being in high wycombe doesnt help just cant make it up big hills and no much countryside which i have plenty of back home. I did get this bike pretty cheap, but i found amazing was the bike was from this old gentlemen and it used to be his wifes who now in care. The bike looks like it is from the 70s and until now only stopped using it and hes still going. Inspiration to carry on living :)

Anna Freud sketches

I have a wall with my work up not very full yet hope to have more soon. These are wants up there. The chalk drawings did take a long time, well moon not so much. Really like working with chalk and charcoal, as they create such interesting drawing with shade and using the light white for light. The detailed face is of Anna Freud herself.


This summer went to Spain have been before again, but not my usual choice as never been on a beach holiday. Ofcourse was awesome and im a big fan of rollercosters so was prefect for rides. The ride is Dragon Khan in universal studios and the other picture was at a water park, i really love this picture.


Im in love with Paris ever since i went there with the school when i was 15. That was not the first time i went but was a little young to understand the beauty of the city. To be honest little bit obessed about it i have now gone 4 times and so want to go more havnt been nearly for a year now and miss it so much. These are some of the best pictures i have. The first two of which was taken by a disposable camera cos didnt own digital then. Wish understood why i love it so much but when walking from notre dame to eiffel tower along the river was long but happiest time because got to see everything guess feels like magic.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Light Flowers

During pictures week we had a session learning long exposure and this was the best we came up with :)

Tutor shooter

A Team Awesomepants Production (Facebook Page)

This the link to a flash game facebook page, which as a group made for a feel good factor. To help you relieve stress after a bad crit with the tutors heads to shot. The illustrations i drawn of the tutors are in this picture.

self logo

Logo that was based on my name and using Godfrey as sounds like a water or eletric company and used that to create this logo.

Home is where the_____is

We had a project over christmas to make a book with blurb and have a story to it using home is where the ____is. I choose travel as i was going back and forth from home to uni because of work. Plus i cant drive so any means of travel is my way of getting around and seeing places. Here an example of my photography for the book.

Seahorse and oyster illustration

This is from my sketchbook i carry round most of the time. So this is a ramdom drawing which probably happened during a lecture but have no use for it just yet.

Tutors illustrated

These are some illustations of some tutors for a game we made for a feel good factor. We didnt use these ones but i think they are the best ones.

Meau Character

Meau is my character i dont know what she is or how she came about but i once read meant to know your character inside out and i think she is happy and bubbly hardly frowns so far hope ya like her

Saturday, 23 January 2010


A painting on fabric which i sewed into, which was a photo that i took.

Smoosh uniform and design

This first a design i put on the wellies and the uniform for the smoosh shop with a long t-shirt, leggings and wellies. Which i have sewn into fabric, i love working with sewing as you are able to touch as well as look at the pieces.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Colour relationship

3d typeface annimation

We needed to make a 3d typeface using whatever we wished so i used colour pencils and made a animation based on them having a relationship that went wrong. I connect colour pencils to my childhood where i used to make them families with one colour a female and another a male.

Anna Freud annimation

For uni this was my how i interputed Anna Freud using her looking down on her childhood like a child psychoanalysis.

Jewellery Flower Animation

Cleaning labybird

A ramdom annimation i did when cleaning my room

Bag design for Smoosh

A design for my bags at the shop which a paper to be eco friendly with the logo and the website for passers by the check out

Smoosh Shop

This is the shop design for smoosh. I wanted the shop to be in Saffron Walden where villages are and was a one off shop and Saffron Walden is known for that. The surrounding villages are mostly country and during rain the wellies would come in handy.


This is the logo of my shop. I decided to call it smoosh as reminded me of when you step into mud with wellies.

Wellie designs

Other examples of what designs that could of been made onto the wellies, these are boths patterns and my own illustrations.